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Marcel Dreux Signature: Ludovic Beier

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Storlek: 29.5 x 7.5 x 5.5 cm / 1 kg

1 reed, 3.5 octaves F3 / C7
tuned to 441 Hz (or differently, on request)

C-griff sytem (Svenskt sytem)

The keyboard of 44 buttons (black and white),
equipped with axes that allow it to make the
effect "Bend", is composed of 3 rows.

Plastic body, not sensitive to condensation

All components, without exception,
of the accordina are made of stainless
materials or insensitive to water.

The model built with Ludovic Beier is a "2000"
with a matte black lacquered brass upholstery. 

The keyboard has been slightly hardened
thanks to stronger springs..

This accordina comes with a reinforced
protective case.

The guarantee of the accordinas is
5 years parts and labor.


If you have special wishes concerning
the instrument, don´t hesitae to contact us
by mail


Accordinas of Marcel Dreux

Those who listen for the first time listen.
Those who know him love it.
Those who try it do not want to leave it:
The accordina is an instrument of character
that is next to the accordion and the harmonica.

He borrows from the accordion the free reeds
and the keyboard right hand, the breath
of the accordinist replacing the bellows.

As on the harmonica, on each note, only
one reed vibrates to diffuse a sound right,
without vibration.

22 250,- kr

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